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  • TranSIS is a cloud based enterprise application which helps the logistics company to track the materials dispatched. The customer will be able to acknowledge the receipt of the goods instantly by logging into the system. Also the customers will be able to report the damaged goods if any during the dispatch


  • E-Procure is a product of SIS, which is a a cloud based enterprise application which helps the Corporates to track the expenses, does the online approval by applying the workflow of the organization The corporates can control the expenses centrally even if the branches are geographically scattered


  • E-Auction is a product of SIS, which is a a cloud based enterprise application which helps the Corporates to auction the used equipments directly in the market. The product provides the feature to the corporates to restrict the participation to specific vendors. By doing so, it eliminates rigging. The company is benefited by reducing the cost of disposal and get a value by using this product

  • The software tracks the activities of the organization by setting the benchmark for each task performed by the employees and tracks their skill level and their time taken to achieve the task. Accordingly the application assigns performance points automatically for the tasks performed. This will help the management to know each and every employees performance and make decisions accordingly.


  • The Stock-Tracker suits all manufacturing units, where the application tracks the production of the factory. The production can be tracked based on the employee, based on the machinery, against the customer order, Actual vs scheduled , etc. There are lots of features that can be customized as per the customers requirements


  • The Human Resources Management System is developed by SIS which covers Recruitment, Employment Attendance, Leave, Permissions, Appraisals, Seperation,Canteen, Dashboard, etc. SIS HRMS helps any organization to manage their employees information update and get 50 different reports

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